Town Sultanpur Lodhi: The town Sultanpur Lodhi‘s relation with the Sikhism begins from the end of 15th century. After Sri Nankana Sahib and Sri Kartarpur Sahib (Pakistan),it is the only town which is deeply and longley concerned with the life of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib ji. Guru ji spent more than 14 years of his life in Sultanpur Lodhi. Before knowing the relation of this town with Guru ji,it is must to know about the history of this town.

         Sultanpur Lodhi is one of the ancient cites of India. It witnesses the proud past of more than 20 centuries. The city of Sultanpur Lodhi estimated to be established in around 1st century. This city in the period of centuries witnesses the up and downs in term of politics, religion, literature, trade and commerce.

          Sultanpur Lodhi from 1st century to 6th century was one of the major centers of meditation and knowledge for Buddhism. In that period, the city of Sultanpur Lodhi was known by the name of ‘Sarwmanpur’. It is also believed that the ancient Buddhist book of ‘abinav-prastava’ authored by Katiyana was written in Sultanpur Lodhi. In 8th century, this place was established as a great empire of Hinduism and Buddhism.

          When the Islamic invader Mehmood Gaznavi invades this area , as being a Hindu –Buddhist city, this city was burnt to ashes by his army. The city of Sarwmanpur after that was nothing but a bunch of peoples living in destroyed city. This was the end of ancient city of Sarwmanpur.

           Sultan Khan, the son of Punjab’s governer Wali Muhammad Khan was passing through the way and he was attracted by the beauty of the  surroundings of the city. He decided to re-establish this city by his name. This was the complete death of Sarwmanpur and the birth of new city of Sultanpur Lodhi.

           This new city of Sultanpur Lodhi was also the center point of the old trade route between Delhi and Lahore. It was one of the major trade centers of north India at that time. It consisted of 32 to major markets and about 5600 shops. At that time the city was spread over in an area of 8 miles (13 kms).

            Sultanpur Lodhi, in those days was not only famous for its surrounding or trade, but also for its higher Islamic education . Many of the Islamic schools of education known as Madarasas were in this city. The two princes of Delhi, Aurangzeb and Dara-sekoh completed their studies in one of the famous white mosque of Sultanpur Lodhi.

           The political importance of this town was established till the last of Mughal Empire. This town was one of the famous town of Jalandhar Bist Doab in the time of great Sikh soldier Baba Banda Singh Bahadur . Nawab Adena Begh got fame in this city also. In the 18th century the sikh chiefs established their independence states.

After the fall of Mughals, the Sikh chiefs established their hegemony over various parts of Punjab. Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia founded the principality of Kapurthala and made Kapurthala as his capital. Sardar Fateh Singh to annex this historic town of Sultanpur to the state of Kapurthala in 1777 A.D.,it is now a division of Kapurthala. It is an important railway station on the Jalandhar, Ferozepur Rail line and its environments hold of a good tourist spot.

 Sri Guru Nanak Sahib and Sultanpur Lodhi: Guru Nanak’s sister called Nanaki was married to Jai Ram, an official of the chief, Daulat Khan Lodhi of Sultanpur. Guru Sahib’s parent s noticed that Guru ji had no interest in worldly affairs. Then they requested to Bhai Jai Ram to find out a job for the Guru Sahib in the court of Nawab Dault Khan Lodhi. Guru Nanak Sahib visited this place in 1484 A.D., on the invitation of his brother-in-law and on arrival  he was introduced to the chief(Modi), who was impressed by his personality and offered him the Post of Manager of stores. The Guru was in the prime of his youth then. He worked very hard in the state stores and distributed the major part of his earning among the needy. Soon he became very popular with common people of Sultanpur Lodhi. After some time in 1487, he was married with Bibi Sulakhni at Batala . Guru ji brought Bibi Sulakhni here and had two sons born to Guru ji 1494 A.D. to 1497 A.D. The Guru spent about 14 years of his life at Sultanpur Janamsakhis provide a vivid account about Guru Nanak ‘s daily routine at Sultanpur Lodhi. Baba used to goes to the stream Bein to bath , then spent a long time in the meditation and the dawn of the day, he took the charge of the store.

              Guru Nanak ‘s mind was always fixed on God even when he was busy with his duties. It was here in Sultanpur that he one day received the call of Lord and he decided to undertake journeys to various lands to preach true religion to mankind. Thus Sultanpur Lodhi is held in great sanctity by the Sikhs as the place where the divine call came to founder of Sikhism.


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