Gurdwara Sri Hatt Sahib: The place where the Guru had been working as a Modi, has been named as Gurdwara Hatt Sahib. This Gurdwara is situated on the back south side of old fortress. It is said that here the Guru had been distributing provisions to the saint, darvesh, qalander and the needy and uttering, “Tera, Tera” i.e I am Thine.

                  When Guru Sahib’s glory spread all over the town, the Nawab’s spies reported to him of the “confused” state of affairs in the commissariat and of the grossly “Negligent” attitude of Guru Nanak’s good conduct ordered a through check to the made of accounts of commissariat, only from the Guru but also from Jai Ram, his surety. The penalties for defaulters in State payments in those times were severing involving torture, mutilation and even death.

                  When, however, the stores were checked it was founded not only that there was no default of any kind, but there actually was some excess. The Guru’s management was consequently commended by the Khan, who offered him a certain amount as reward for his honest and faithful service. The Guru refused to take the preferred amount and suggested to the Khan to distribute it among the poor.

                  There are fourteen weights preserved in a room here. These have been used by the Guru ji for weighing the provision. Know there is built a beautiful building of Gurdwara.

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