Gurdwara Sri Ber Sahib: During Guru Nanak ‘s stay in Sultanpur he used to go to the Bein stream early morning and after taking bath he would sit in meditation for a long time and with the daybreak he would be at his seat in the state store house at the post of duty.

                A Berry tree stands even now at the spot on the bank of the Bein where the Guru used to sit for absorption in God and a grand building has been erected as a monument at the place and named after the Berry tree as Gurdwara Ber sahib.

                It was at this place that the Guru vanished after leaving the clothes in the supervision of an attendant and had a trace for 72 hours much to the astonishment and amazement of the attendant and unnoticed by the people of Sultanpur. The Janam Sakhi describes the event as under:-

        “As the entered (the river) for a bath, the angles of the Supreme Lord (Parmeshwar) conducted him to the Divine Portal. The angles made submission: Nanak is in attendance .” He had the vision of the Eternal Portal. The Lord’s grace fell on him. The attendant on the bank of the stream was all this while looking after Guru’s clothes, and waited till he was tired, of it. He surmised at (Guru)Nanak must have been drowned in the stream. So he informed the Khan of this happening: Khan all the health Guru Nanak entered the stream and has not since once come up, then the khan rode to the river. Divers where called, and nets were thrown into the river. The drivers made all effort till they were exhausted but could not trace him. At this the Khan was in deep distress, and rode back, saying, ‘Nanak was a very honest officer.’

            At the Divine Command the devotee Nanak was by Divine pleasure offered to him. The voice came: Nanak this is Amrita [Nectar] the cup of Name. Drink this, it is offered to thee.” At this Guru Nanak made obeisance and quaffed the Cup of AMRITA. The Lord’s grace fell on him, ‘Nanak, I am ever by the side. I have showered my blessing on these. Whoever calls on they, shall also receive my blessing. Go thou into the world and mediate on the Name, and make mankind also meditate on the Name. Be thou ever unpolluted by the lure of the world Engage thyself in meditation on the Name, in charity, in self-purification/ service and in remembering the Lord, I have conferred on thee the blessing of my name. Make the Name alone the occupation.’

            Guru Nanak at  this made obeisance, and stood in the Presence. The Lord then said, ‘Nanak, utter thou the greatness of my Name. ‘Then spoke the Guru to the accompaniment of the Divine Minstrelsy.

            Even thus the greatness would still elude my mind what measure might I give to Thy Name? Eternal, Formless; immutable the Lord…

            The voice once again: Nanak, the eyes have beheld as I ordain all creation. Praise thou my ordinance: what it is and what thou hast beheld at my portal. Then burst forth a harmony from the heavenly concert; the Guru spoke and his words echoed forth thus:

            ‘Eternal the Lord; He ever was and ever shall be; Nothing is but the Lord; Nothing ever shalt last but.

             Once again came forth the Divine Word; Nanak, my grace shall fall on whoever is graced by thee: my mercy shall fall on any to whom thou showest mercy. Know that my name is Par-Braham Parmeshwar, and thine is the Lord Guru.’

              There after the Guru appeared in a grave-yard on the bank of the rivulet where now stands Gurdwara Sant Ghat. The Guru did not speak for a day and a night the next day he said in a loud voice,

                                   ‘There is no Hindu and no Musalmans.’

                The huge place Manji Sahib is situated nearby the Gurdwara Ber Sahib. The thousands of devotees visited on the birth occasion of Guru Nanak Sahib.

Bhora Sahib: This place is situated under the Gurdwara Ber Sahib. Here Guru Sahib used to sit in absorption. A Damdama is situated over there as a sign of meditation place, where Guru ji used to sit. The thousands of the devotees of the Guru visited on every Amavas on this place.


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