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Sultanpur Lodhi Kapurthala Punjab
Monday, August 26, 2019
Gurdwara Sri Sant Ghat: After 72 hours of disappearance in stream Bein, Guru Sahib ji was seated 3 miles away from the Gurdwara Ber Sahib. Gurdwara Sant Ghat is situated over there. On this place Guru Ji speak the Mool Mantra. During Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s regime the management of the Gurdwara vested in Udasi Mohants. Sant Sadhu Singh Nirmla,...
Gurdwara Sri Guru Ka bagh: The building used by Guru Nanak as his residence after his marriage has been turned into a Gurdwara and has been named as Gurdwara Guru Ka Bagh. It was here that Guru’s two sons Baba Sri Chand and Baba Lakshmi Das were born and Guru sahib’s family prospered here. Now there is situated a...
Gurdwara Sri Kothri Sahib: After complaints of ‘misappropriation’ of stores, the Guru was called to the house of the Accountant General Jadu Rai to rander the accounts. After through checking it was found that the state will pay money to Guru Nanak. Guru ji refused to get the payment and asked the official of the Khan to distribute the...
Gurdwara Sri Sehra Sahib: It is that sacred place, where Guru Arjan Sahib, stayed for a night while going to village Dalla during the marriage ceremony of his son Guru Hargobind sahib ji. The Sehra Bandi is said to have been performed at the place. Therefore the name of the place is Shera Sahib. It is also said that...
Gurdwara Sri Hatt Sahib: The place where the Guru had been working as a Modi, has been named as Gurdwara Hatt Sahib. This Gurdwara is situated on the back south side of old fortress. It is said that here the Guru had been distributing provisions to the saint, darvesh, qalander and the needy and uttering, “Tera, Tera” i.e I...
Gurdwara Sri Ber Sahib: During Guru Nanak ‘s stay in Sultanpur he used to go to the Bein stream early morning and after taking bath he would sit in meditation for a long time and with the daybreak he would be at his seat in the state store house at the post of duty.                 A Berry tree stands even...


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